Leila Sutton

Leila SuttonMy name is Leila (l-eye-la) and I’m a NYC kids lifestyle photographer.  I shoot kids and families for advertising and editorial clients, and everyday moms & dads from all over the world.  I’m always aiming for that perfect balance of expression, action and environment to come together and tell a story.  In my case, that story is most often honest and joyful.  When I’m not out shooting with clients, you’ll find me toting around my gear whenever I have the opportunity to travel or in my own neck of the woods at family parties.  I just can’t get enough.  Parents, friends and family (even my own mom!) often ask me how I get them and their kids to look so amazing.  Some of it is technical and some of it is just learning to notice the right details.  I’m thrilled to be able share with my fellow photo enthusiasts my professional advice on how to “make your photos flow”.  Visit my kids lifestyle photography, or follow me on facebook.


Jo-Ann DiLorenzo

Jo-Ann DiLorenzoAs a make-up artist/stylist in the international fashion and beauty industry, I started “reading” and dissecting photographs in magazines such as Italian Vogue when I was 14 yrs old. It was love at first sight and I was immediately addicted to photography. I’ve since collaborated with photographers, clients and publications such as Parents, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and InStyle. My style is eclectic, going from super simple to over the top, because I’ve always been a chameleon myself. I love working with a variety of ages ranging from infants to adults, but the tween years are especially fun for me because they are so animated & freewheeling. I like to think on my toes too and I’m excited to share some insider secrets with you. Check out my style at jo-anndilorenzo.com.


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